Voluntary Game Development

What? Why? How?

We are a game studio that operates under no expense. We believe in the art of making games instead of making games as a necessity.

We unite as a community and help each other in projects, and we have since 2018.

Current Projects

that are free to join


This can be your project!

We might put your game on Steam and get you paid for free, if we like your project!

Required Skills

(knowing one is enough)

Any C language


This is required because programming is one of the most important skills in game development.

2D Art or 3D Modelling

Pixel art, Vector art, 3d modelling etc.

This is actually not a required skill to join, but is important to join other peoples projects

Level Design

2D or 3D, level design knowledge is an important skill

This skill will get you in almost any team!


This is the most important, and the one we are looking for the most

We are actually willing to pay money per unit sold for this skill.

Don't know one or more of these? You can still join and learn from the community!

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Note : Zyapim Studios is a voluntary game development studio. Although game earnings are spread, there is no set pay.